Web Development

OMC designs, develops and maintains web sites for many of its customers. This is how we tend to define them:

The calling card site – this is a web-based business card, a place where a future customer can find out who you are, what you do, where you’re based and how to make contact. Often they are looking for this information out of business hours and find you via a link from another site such as a trade association. Calling card sites contain basic information and usually an enquiry form. Every enterprise should have one!

The brochure site – all the usual information plus as much or as little detail as you like on your products and services. These types of sites can be very useful to enquirers researching sources and suppliers, though the trick is to capture their interest and prompt a reaction – to make them phone or email. To this end, these types of sites provide brochures (including third party information) as downloads – a great way to shift data on technical products and sharpen your response to enquiries.

The best way to start the brochure site is in little steps, periodically adding a page or a product to your calling card site.

The e-commerce site – this site has to woo the customer, i.e. secure their interest, answer their queries, overcome fears and objections and convert the sale. This would be a tall order if it wasn’t for the fact that you have what the customer is looking for! He or she has invested some time tracking you down – if it’s in stock, if it’s the right price, you’ve got a sale.
For the smaller enterprise, the e-commerce site is therefore often the end of the cycle and consideration must turn to how the future customer will come to hear about it; thankfully, on the internet, the playing field is a good deal more level.

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