What does Steri do?

RTU 750ml
Ready to use Steri-7 in trigger spray

Cleaning and disinfecting with Steri-7 is a single stage operation. The surface is wiped down with Steri solution and left to dry. And as Steri-7 dries, it forms a protective layer called ‘RBT’, or ‘Reactive Barrier Technology’.

Pathogens begin to arrive¬† almost immediately of course;¬† they might be airborne, they may be transferred by direct contact from people or animals or from coughs and sneezes in the vicinity. Contaminated materials like the carrier bag from the boot of the car arrive and are placed on the surface. In a matter of hours, the pathogen load on the surface could quickly climb except that in this case that won’t happen.

Because Steri’s RBT layer kills pathogens as they arrive and will continue killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi for up to 3 days after cleaning. Not only has Steri cleaned and disinfected in one pass, the surface will stay far safer for longer.