Where can I use Steri?

RTU 750mlSteri’s unique formulation means it can be used in situations and on materials where you couldn’t normally contemplate the use of detergent or bleach.

For instance, Steri has been used to remove mould from delicate antique fabrics that were otherwise in danger of steady decay. Materials that are hundreds of years old featuring polychrome cotton embroidery have been successfully cleaned and treated using Steri. If you’re involved in the care of heritage materials or exhibits, please ask for more information as we have a wealth of testimonial information as well as experts in the field to whom you can refer.

Elsewhere, Steri can be used in the knowledge that because it doesn’t contain alcohol, bleach, acids or phenols, it is safe for use on virtually any material or surface. It can be used when the surface might come in contact with animals; it is, for instance, used routinely on agricultural feed troughs (it is approved for use under DEFRA General Orders).

Steri must NOT be used internally nor mixed with other chemicals or disinfectants.