Infection Control Services

Steri_OMC_bannerOMC provides infection control services based on the Steri-7 range of products as well as supplying the products themselves. We believe that using Steri-7 offers the most advanced infection control system you can achieve on a realistic budget.

This is not only because Steri-7 is highly efficient. It has a much, much higher kill rate than common-or-garden offerings. You can probably BTR trianglerecall an advert for a disinfectant that kills “99% of household germs”. Well, Steri kills 10,000 times (yes, ten thousand times) more germs than that.

And Steri doesn’t stop there. When a surface like a worktop or a treatment bed has been wiped down with Steri, 99.9999% of the pathogens formerly resident on that surface will have been destroyed. However, any pathogens arriving post-cleanup (they’re all around us after all) will also be destroyed by the┬áreactive barrier Steri leaves behind.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Steri must be highly toxic and therefore difficult and dangerous to use. The truth is Steri doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that make typical bleach-based disinfectants so unpleasant to deal with. It doesn’t give off fumes, it does not have that ghastly hospital smell, in fact, it’s hypoallergenic, non-irritant and virtually non-toxic – except to pathogens of course.